Friday, 18 April 2014

Namibia - Arrival

My first of two Namibia tours this year began with a long overnight journey, eventually arriving in Windhoek in the early afternoon and meeting up with our guide, Charly. A quick look around the airport  was quite productive with Familiar Chat, Black-chested Prinia, Black-throated Canary, Great Sparrow, Cape Wagtail, Greater Striped Swallow, African Palm, Little and White-rumped Swifts and lots of Rock Martins being seen. It was only 40kms into the city of Windhoek and after dropping our bags into our rooms, met up with Charly who gave us an overview of the tour ahead, as well as a map showing our forthcoming route. 

Great Sparrow

Afterwards it was down to business as we birded the road outside the hotel, which proved to be worthwhile as a number of good birds were discovered. We began with several Marico Flycatchers adorning the fence, followed by a group of amazingly beautiful Violet-backed Starlings, as well as African Red-eyed Bulbul and Fork-tailed Drongo. And then a little further along the road we came across a real burst of activity with a bunch of new birds all appearing at the same time. John C spotted a pair of Burnt-necked Eremomela, a stunning Crimson-breasted Shrike was many people’s top bird of the day, a pair of Marico Sunbirds were superb, a female Pririt Batis was also stunning, and there was also an Ashy Tit, a few Southern Masked Weavers and a Rufous-vented Tit-Babbler also put in an appearance.

Marico Flycatcher

As the light began to fade several hulking Bradfields Swifts flew over, and walking back to the hotel several close White-browed Sparrow-Weavers were admired, and a pair of Groundscraper Thrushes were scoped. Other birds seen this afternoon included Pied Crow, Pale-winged Starling, and lots of Cape Glossy Starlings as well. So we ended up seeing quite a few really nice birds quite easily but it was something of a relief to get a hot shower, excellent meal and retire early after all the travelling involved to get here.

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