Wednesday, 25 April 2012


We drove up to the top of Alishan Mountain and spent a very enjoyable morning in good weather seeing some very good and often tricky endemics very well. We began with Black-necklaced Scimitar-babbler that took some digging out but which eventually showed quite well beside the road. As we approached the summit we checked out a few spots and saw the commoner species, and a fine male Mikado Pheasant also put in appearance on a grassy verge right beside the road. Shame it was a little too close to get a proper photo!!

Mikado Pheasant

The scenery on this tour has been stunning and up here on Alishan Mountain the views were awe inspiring today.

Alishan Mountain scenery

We then took a side road and walked a few hundred metres uphill and bumped into a load of goodies beginning with a couple of Taiwan Fulvettas feeding in a moss-covered tree. There was also Collared and Taiwan Bush-robins showing well, a Taiwan Shortwing toyed with us before hopping up onto a bare branch, and then best of all a pair of Golden Parrotbills zipped around the Bamboo in front of us. 

Taiwan Fulvetta

Collared Bush-robin

A Spotted Nutcracker then perched on top of a pine tree above us and White-whiskered Laughingthrush, Steere’s Liocichla, Flamecrest, and Taiwan Yuhina all made appearances.

Then we headed down to Huben Village in the afternoon and spent a good few hours searching for Fairy Pitta but we didn’t hear any calling at all. Both Birdquest and Tropical Birding also had groups here today and it was great to be able to cooperate and work different areas and exchange info. However, the Fat Lady started to sing our tune and our birding in this wonderful country came to an end. All that remained was to drive an hour or so up the highway to Fongyuen where we spent the night, after dinner and a visit to a karaoke bar!

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