Friday, 22 June 2012

Mengbi Shan - the 2nd day

We returned to Mengbishan just after first light and again targeted Koklass Pheasant at the same site as yesterday, this time resulting in a pair crossing the road in front of us and scurrying up the slope above the road. And this despite the fact that there were none calling and spending 10 minutes in light drizzle with no prospect of success whatsoever – well that’s birding! Then we headed higher in search of the elusive jay, which again proved elusive to us despite spending most of the day in the last known spot. Upon arrival we were greeted by a heavy snowstorm which abated after a while and then in total contrast found ourselves in strong sunshine, which was very welcome indeed. 

Bar-tailed Treecreeper

We did find a Bar-tailed Treecreeper which was new for the trip and had decent and much closer views of Verreaux’s Monal-partridge that was calling raucously from the hillside above us. 

Blood Pheasant

Blood Pheasant

A Maroon-backed Accentor also showed to some of the group and we also had further views of a beautiful Crested Tit-warbler that was quietly feeding amongst the pine trees and a very close Blood Pheasant. There was also Rufous-vented Tit, Rufous-breasted Accentor, White-winged Grosbeak and several Himalayan Bluetails amongst others to keep us occupied before we headed down to a small local ‘restaurant’ for a late lunch. 

White-winged Grosbeak

White-winged Grosbeak

Yellow-streaked Warbler

We then spent the afternoon walking along the road but this turned out to be pretty quiet, although we did have nice views of Yellow-streaked Warbler and other previously seen species. A quick photo stop at a traditional Tibetan village was made en-route to our hotel later in the afternoon as well, resulting in Oriental Turtle-dove, Chinese Beautiful Rosefinch and a Rufous-bellied Woodpecker.

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