Friday, 9 November 2012

Lake Titicaca

So this was our last day and what a place to be huh? But we started with an abortive attempt for Berlepsch's Canastero - because the local villagers had blocked the approach road to our site over some damn dispute. So we did get a few birds down at a little lake, with more Andean Geese and a few Giant Coots.

Andean Goose

Giant Coot

Then we spent the rest of the day at Lake Titicaca and quickly found the endemic Titicaca (Short-winged) Grebe.

Titicaca Grebe

There were also lots of Andean Gulls, Andean Ruddy Ducks and Andean Coots, as well as Wren-like Rushbird and Yellow-winged Blackbirds in the reeds.

Andean Coot

Andean Gull

Andean Gull

Andean Ruddy Duck
We then moved on to a different arm of the lake and found Many-coloured Rush-tyrant and Plumbeous Rail, as well as a flock of Black Siskins. All that remained was a little bit of phaffing, some shopping and then we drove back to the hotel for an early finish. Job done!

Black Siskin

Posing at Lake Titicaca

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