Sunday, 25 August 2013

Flukes in California Part 2

So the Blue Whales were amazing and to round off a fantastic display we even had some whale poo! A first for me...!

Blue whale and poo...!

The return journey was a little slow to start with but up ahead there was a lot of activity with some gulls and Sooty Shearwaters hanging around one area directly in front of us. 

Sooty Shearwaters
Splashes ahead.....

And yes, there was also some splashes which had to be dolphins, and sure enough as we got closer they turned out to be Common Dolphins, at least 200 in fact, and some came in to bow ride and showed amazingly well. 

Common Dolphins

Returning to the harbour some California Sealions were loafing on a buoy, Heermann's Gulls and Brown Pelicans were giving close views and the sun was still shining.

California Sealions

Brown Pelican

Heermann's Gull

What a trip this had been and looking forward to Monterey Bay already in a few days..... 

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