Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gunung Kerinci (still)

Well it didn’t go so well in the wee small hours as both Salvadori’s Nightjar and Sumatran Frogmouth just called back to the ipod and decided not to show themselves – rather frustrating really as it was a perfectly dry calm morning. But a Dusky Woodcock flew over a few times doing its roding display flight which was quite nice. Nevertheless, once it got light things picked up with a female Schneider’s Pitta present briefly on the trail which was a surprise as I wasn’t really looking for it! 

Blue Nuthatch

A huge flock was mobbing another Sumatran Owlet, including Sunda and Grey-chinned Minivets, Sumatran Drongo, Blue Nuthatch, Sunda Warbler, Blyth’s Shrike-babbler and Mountain White-eyes.

Sumatran Trogon

 Also saw a Black Eagle and had a brief view of what looked like a Booted Eagle soaring over the canopy. Other goodies included Sumatran Trogon, Wreathed Hornbill, the mega common Fire-tufted Barbet, Pygmy Cupwing, Lesser Shortwing, Sunda Blue Robin, Shiny and Sumatran Whistling-thrushes and nice views of Black-capped White-eye.

Then took the afternoon off to rest and have a hot bucket wash back at the homestay.

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