Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sof Omar

It took 3 hours to drive along the bumpy road to Sof Omar, but a couple of quick stops were worthwhile with our first views of Helmetted Guineafowl, Rosy-patched Bush-shrike, White-browed Coucal, White-headed Buffalo-weaver, and Black-crowned Tchagra

Rosy-patched Bush-shrike

As soon as we pulled up at Sof Omar an African Pygmy Kingfisher was found close by and, although things seemed a little quiet initially, we started finding new birds. In a relatively short space of time we found Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbill, Brown-tailed Rock-chat, White-bellied Go-away-bird and Collared Sunbird

African Pygmy Kingfisher

Overhead there was a flyover Little Sparrowhawk, a pair of African Hawk-eagles and later in the morning a Brown Snake-eagle performed admirably. Meanwhile our search of the narrow gorge continued producing new trip birds with Emerald-spotted Wood-doves becoming increasingly confiding, an inquisitive Orange-breasted Bush-shrike, a demure Northern Brownbul, Northern Crombec and a Greater Honeyguide. After an hour or so we finally nailed a pair of the endemic Salvadori’s Seedeaters that were working their way across the hillside towards the drinking pool, but sadly we were not able to photograph them. We thought they’d come down to drink but somehow they just disappeared and we had to content ourselves with Northern White-crowned Shrike, Acacia (Somali) Tit, Crimson-rumped Waxbill, a flock of White-crested Helmetshrikes and a noisy gang of Black-billed Wood-hoopoes.

White-crested Helmet-shrike

 Leaving here we drove back towards Dinsho in the hope that an Abyssinian Owl had been relocated at a day roost, and along the way we stopped to look at a couple of Pallid Harriers and a ringtail Montagu’s Harrier, Short-toed Eagle a few Crested Francolins

Abyssinian Catbird

Up at Dinsho there was no owl, but we had nice views of Abyssinian Catbird, Ethiopian BoubouCommon Waxbill and Brown Woodland Warbler.

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