Friday, 14 February 2014

Mt Kinabalu Day 2

I found this a rather frustrating day as the mountain was cloaked in low cloud and we had drizzle most of the day. We started off well with our first Sunda Laughingthrush amongst a group of Rufous-hooded Laughingthrushes and followed this up with a close encounter with a Red-breasted Partridge standing on the trail in front of us, followed by a couple views of a Crimson-headed Partridge that we called in beside the road. What a pair of cracking endemics! As we scanned the forested slopes of Mount Kinabalu during a clear period, Ron picked up a Golden-naped Barbet calling from nearby and that was our last new endemic for several hours as the weather deteriorated. 

We spent the remainder of the morning walking the trails and notching up plenty of previously seen species, plus White-throated Fantail, Asian Brown, Little Pied and Ferruginous Flycatchers, more Bornean Treepies, Yellow-bellied Warbler, Mountain Leaf-warbler, Mountain Tailorbird, and a Sunda Bush-warbler

Bornean Stubtail

Driving down the mountain a random stop resulted in a Bornean Stubtail responding rather aggressively to the ipod and perching out in the open for quite a while. We ended the morning session with a pair of stunning Black-sided Flowerpeckers feeding low down in some flowering bushes after quite a search. 

Black-sided Flowerpecker

Following lunch we walked the trails again but the weather began to deteriorate but still managed to have a close look at a Mountain Black-eye that flew in and landed right next to us, plus an inquisitive Sunda Laughingthrush

Mountain Black-eye

Sunda Laughingthrush

Our mammal list finally got off the ground with Mountain Treeshrew, Low’s and Jentink’s Squirrels and some biscuit-eating Bornean Black-banded Squirrels that certainly provided some entertainment for us whilst sheltering from the rain.

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