Sunday, 3 August 2014

Avis Dam - The End

Before breakfast we paid a visit to Avis Dam on the outskirts of Windhoek and managed to pick up a few new trip birds: Great White Egret, Cinnamon-breasted Bunting and Red-billed Firefinch

Cinnamon-breasted Bunting

We also had views of White-breasted Cormorant, Great White Pelican, Hammerkop, 2 Pearl-spotted Owlets, Black-faced, Common and Violet-eared Waxbills, Green-winged Pytilia, Acacia Pied Barbet, Crimson-breasted Shrike, Familiar Chat and White-backed Mousebird

Violet-eared Waxbill - a particular favourite of mine
Black-faced Waxbill
But all too soon it was time to leave and head back to the hotel, have breakfast, load the luggage and set off to the airport where we said our goodbyes to my good friend Charly. He had been a phenomenal guide, had looked after us extremely well and is about as good a guide as I have had the fortune to meet over the years. I look forward to many, many tours over the coming years with him. Thanks Charly

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