Thursday, 26 February 2015

Baikal Beauty...!

Headed up the Thaton side of Doi Lang and quickly got Scarlet-facd Liocichla, Whiskered Yuhina, Large Niltava, White-gorgeted Flycatcher, Claudia's Warbler, Black-eared Shrike-Babbler and others. 

Whiskered Yuhina

Spectacled Barwing

In the early afternoon we returned to the hotel for a little siesta before heading out into the nearby fields. Must admit I love this sort of birding as the habitat was a mixture of river, tall grasses, fields and muddy channels where we picked up a lot of trip ticks and was very enjoyable birding. The highlight was this Baikal Bush Warbler that came out into the open - and was surprised to hear another 6 or 7 calling in the vicinity. 

Baikal Bush Warbler

On the river we saw Oriental and Small Pratincoles, whilst in a weedy field I flushed a Barred Buttonquail, and there was also 3 Eurasian Wrynecks, a brief Lanceolated Warbler, Richard's Pipit, a Bluethroat, and some Pintail Snipe and Greater Painted Snipe. At dusk a flock of Baya Weavers and a Chestnut Munia flew into the tall grass to roost, whilst overhead we saw (and heard) Paddyfield and Red-throated Pipits. This male Pied Harrier also flew by incredibly close to us as well - one of the best encounters with this species i've ever had.

Pied Harrier

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