Monday, 13 April 2015

New Tour: West Java & Sumatra 2016

We have just added a new tour to West Java and Sumatra 3rd - 23rd September 2016

Beginning in Java we will visit the bird-rich Gunung Gede and Gunung Halimun, plus a number of lowland sites as well. Highlights from our previous tours include Javan Hawk-Eagle, Javan Barred Owlet, Javan Coucal and Javan Tesia amongst others. 

Then it is on to Way Kambas in Sumatra, and what a place that is! This must rank as the premier night-birding site in Asia with Gould's, Sunda and Large Frogmouths, Oriental Bay-Owl, Reddish Scops-Owl, Bonaparte's Nightjar and Malaysian Eared-Nightjar. In fact we recorded 21 species of nightbird during our 2013 tour! During the day we will search for White-winged Wood-Duck, Malayan Banded Pitta, and a huge selection of cracking forest birds. 

Moving on to Gunung Kerinci we will look for Salvadori's Pheasant, Red-billed Partridge, Sumatran Trogon, Schneider's Pitta, Sumatran Wren-Babbler, along with plenty of other crippling birds. 

We'll end up on the Tapan Road, which in my opinion is one of the most exciting birding roads i've been fortunate to visit in Asia. I really enjoyed seeing Marbled Wren-Babbler here in September 2013. 

There are some seriously good birds on this trip and I cannot wait to return.

Take a look at our 2016 tour itinerary: Click here.

2013 tour repot - click here.

2013 photo gallery - click here.

Check out a few photos I took from my last 2 visits:

Cream-striped Bulbul - Tapan Road

Crested Fireback - Way Kambas

Crimson-winged Woodpecker - Way Kambas

Fire-tufted Barbet - Tapan Road

Gould's Frogmouth - Way Kambas

Graceful Pitta has been very obliging on the Tapan Road

Nice view of Gunung Kerinci - Sumatra

Red-bearded Bee-eater at Way Kambas

Reddish Scops-Owl at Way Kambas

Rusty-breasted Wren-Babblers at Gunung Kerinci

Shiny Whistling-Thrush

Sumatran Trogon on the Tapan Road.

Sunda Blue Robin

Sunda Scops-Owl

Sunda Warbler

Whiskered Treeswift on the Tapan Road

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