Monday, 3 August 2015

Hecho Valley

Drove up to Selva de Oza in the picturesque Hecho Valley and quickly found a White-throated Dipper, along with an unidentified skipper and Black-veined White. We then proceeded to drive higher and walked up through the wide-open valley with Red-billed Choughs, Yellowhammers, Egyptian Vultures, and Apollo Butterfly being seen. 

Fantastic scenery of the upper Hecho Valley

We spent quite some time enjoying the fabulous scenery before driving back down to the forest for lunch. In the trees right overhead as we were munching our sandwiches we saw Short-toed Treecreeper and Crested Tit.

Then drove to Hecho village and a nice little bar for cold drinks, coffee and ice cream as it was just so hot. Afterwards we drove up towards Gabardito and searched for new butterflies with White-letter Hairstreak and Essex Skipper being added to our list.

White-letter Hairstreak

After dinner we drove to a new site and waited patiently for the sun to set and sure enough at the appointed time a huge Eurasian Eagle Owl flew in and landed on some trees to our right and began calling away for several minutes before soaring across the darkening sky right in front if us and disappearing over a hill. Wow!

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