Monday, 14 November 2016

Ghana Day 7: Ankasa

Our full day in Ankasa forest was a little disappointing as bird activity was very low and most of the birds weren’t tape responsive at all. However, a number of new birds were nailed and we began with a few Blue-headed Wood-Doves along the track as we drove around 7 kilometres deeper into the forest in a couple of jeeps. As we began walking a pair of Western Bearded Greenbuls showed reasonably well before we reached the first pond. Here a White-bellied Kingfisher was present but not seen by everyone and a Yellow-billed Turaco called overhead. Further on a pair of Hartlaub’s Ducks flew off as we reached the second pond and then from here an uphill walk took us to an open area where a Western Bronze-naped Pigeon was scoped. The third pond didn’t have anything to note so we walked back, and then spent quite a long time trying to get on a calling Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill. It was calling from the canopy of a huge tree but several of the group caught a sight of it before it flew away.

We were having lunch brought to us at the old camp and along the way a Black-throated Coucal flew across the track in front of us, and a Blue-throated Roller was scoped on some pylons. We rested for several hours over lunch and then walked back to the ponds but the afternoon was even quieter, although a few people caught up with a White-tailed Alethe that a few of us had seen earlier. 

Here's a couple pics of our camp at Ankasa. Hopefully from next year the new lodge Ashanti are building at the entrance to the forest will be ready - so no need to camp anymore.

Back near our camp at the river a Shining-blue Kingfisher appeared again and a Giant Kingfisher was seen by Ron. After dinner an African Wood Owl was spotlighted at the edge of camp and was a great way to end the day.

African Wood Owl

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