Monday, 23 April 2018

Colorado at Last!

For those folks who arrived early we visited xxx, a large lake complete with breeding Bald Eagles – always a great bird if you’re from the UK. There was a mas of waterfowl here with Lesser Scaup, American Wigeon, Blue-winged Teal, 300+ Ruddy Duck, Green-winged Teal, 250+ Western Grebes, 6 American Avocets, 1 Bonaparte’s Gull, a few flyby Ring-billed Gulls and at least 9 summer-plumaged pink Franklin’s Gulls.

We had arrivals spread all over lunchtime and by 3.00pm we were on our way south to Pueblo. Upon arrival we headed along a dirt road out into the desert scrub where we met up with Rick Bowers who had been scouting the area for us. Thanks to him we quickly notched up the first of several Sage Thrashers along here, plus there was also a covey of 6 Scaled Quails, Loggerhead Shrike, Curve-billed Thrasher, Say’s Phoebe, 3 Coyotes, lots of Black-tailed Prairie-Dogs, and a herd of Pronghorn Antelopes. Not a bad start to our Colorado adventure.

Pronghorn Antelopes

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