Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Nabang - Ruilli

Following another abortive attempt for Hodgson’s Frogmouth we got the ball rolling with a flyover Jerdon’s Baza, followed by displaying Crested Goshawk, with the distinctive white undertail coverts fluffed up across the rump. At a huge stand of bamboo we had Bay WoodpeckerRed-headed TrogonBlue-throated Barbet, lots of Hair-crested DrongosScarlet MinivetLesser Racket-tailed DrongoAsian House MartinYellow-bellied Warbler, a heard only Broad-billed Warbler, and a Mountain Tailorbird.

Bay Woodpecker

Moving on we had Stripe-breasted Woodpecker in a flock consisting of Black-headed and Blyth’s Shrike-Babblers and Rufous-backed Sibias, with some Ashy Woodswallows nearby. Also seen were Crested FinchbillGrey Treepie, and other commoner species.

Driving to Ruili we stopped on a ridge and found a flock of Grey-breasted PriniasHill PriniaRed-whiskered BulbulEastern Buzzard, and a Little Bunting.

Our best meal of the trip tonight.

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