Tuesday, 29 March 2022


It was absolutely bucketing down, raining cats and dogs, torrential downpour – however you want to describe this morning. In a couple of 4-wheel drive vehicles we ascended the Cachote Road for our last gettable endemic – Eastern Chat-Tanager. The rain never stopped as we drove up and on arriving at the appropriate spot it continued. With umbrella in hand we very quickly nailed this endemic, despite the atrocious conditions. The bird showed incredibly well in the driving rain and mist and I think we were very lucky to have had such views. 

What followed was what I can only describe as a farce really, but that’s another story and after the required amount of phaffing and miscommunication we drove back to the hotel, seeing not a lot apart froM one particularly bright male Cape May Warbler. And that was our birding done. I just had to drive 4 hours back to Santo Domingo and our airport hotel, calling into the airport to get the required Covid test for our flights back to Europe via the states tomorrow. And the tour concluded over a few cervezas this evening. Well done chaps!

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