Wednesday, 3 April 2013

India Wrap Up

Well have been back in the UK for over a week and been side-tracked with work commitments and family stuff. So am attempting to post a few photos from the last week up at Pangot & Sat Tal. I think it was a very successful tour with 408 species seen (broken down into 239 species seen on India 1 and 319 seen on India 2) - and that doesn't include wagtail races and heard-onlys or anything dodgy. You know some tour companies count the different 'alba' wagtail races...! Shame on you!

My personal highlight from the Himalayas tour was this Cheer Pheasant, actually 1 of 3 feeding at the traditional site above Pangot.

Cheer Pheasant

Cheer Pheasant habitat
I also liked this Collared Owlet which showed its 'false eyes' on the back of its head.

Collared Owlet

And the scenery is quite beautiful as well....

Pangot Scenery
It's an amazing setting for some cool birding - and it was near here we saw a Grey-crowned Prinia which, to me, is totally weird habitat for this species. I've only previously seen that in the Sal forest at Chitwan in Nepal. Photos to follow....

Keep an eye out for more Himalayas reminiscing tomorrow......

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