Sunday, 14 April 2013

Qinghai - Tibet and Beyond! 2014

Really excited about this new tour next year, which runs from 5th - 27th June 2014. it's a long tour designed to see the very best of the Tibetan Plateau, but as I always try and do, add that something just a little different to the itinerary. So we will not head the 1500kms or whatever it is to Lhasa in the Tibetan Autonomous Region due to last year's restrictions (in fact you just couldn't go there as it was off limits), so we will fly to Xinjiang. Where? Well it's at the edge of the Takla Makan Desert and we can search for the endemic Biddulph's Ground-jay - a bird hardly any 'western' birder has seen before. Oh and we'll also drive up into the Tien Shan Mountains as well.

You can see the full itinerary at this link:

I'd like to thank my good friend Tang Jun for allowing me to use his excellent photos.

So here's a few images of the goodies in store for us...

Henderson's ground-jay


Kozlov's Bunting

Kozlov's Babax

Przevalski's partridge

Pink-tailed Finch - a monotypic family

Ala Shan Redstart
Tibetan Rosefinch
Tibetan Sandgrouse

Biddulph's Ground-jay

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