Monday, 20 May 2013

Time to go!

Our last day in Canada and with an evening flight we still had a few hours to get some goodies this morning. I was wondering how it would pan out to be honest, as we decided not to go to the tip as the weather was hot and still and I thought some of the commoner breeding species we hadn’t seen yet might just have arrived. So we kick-started things at the Marsh Boardwalk which was actuall pretty dead apart from some American Black Terns flying over. 

Solitary Sandpiper

But as we returned to the car park Keith saw some movement below the tower and it turned out to be a Solitary Sandpiper – nice! And how about this? Right in front of our car was an immature male Blue Grosbeak -  a true rarity here and oh how good it felt to finally find something of note here!!!

Blue Grosbeak

 So we went down to the Visitor Centre to relay our find and then walked along the Woodland Trail where Eastern Wood Pewee and Great Crested Flycatcher were new for our list, and we had a roosting Eastern Screech-owl and bucket-loads of warblers. With reports of a Grey-cheeked Thrush in Tilden Woods, just across the car park we decided on one final bash before leaving, but only found this Wood Thrush.

Wood Thrush

 So with an hour to spare we drove up to Hillman Marsh and enjoyed a nice, easy session looking at the waders before it was time to head back to Toronto and our flight home. I must say we’d had a great time here in Canada and it really was great fun just to go out birding without the pressure of having to find this or that for a change.

Anyway, next on the agenda is Sichuan….

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