Monday, 13 October 2014

India 1

Still places left on our India 1 tour 6th - 17th March visiting the Chambal River, Bharatpur, Taj Mahal, Ranthambhore & Sultanpur. Key birds include Indian Skimmer, Painted Sandgrouse, Painted Spurfowl, Marshall's Iora, Smoky and Sulphur-bellied Warblers and Sind Sparrow amongst others. Oh and always a chance of Bengal Tiger and a bunch of other great mammals as well.

Here's a small selection of photos form our last tours, but you can see more on my Flickr page at

Bay-backed Shrike

Black-bellied Tern

Brahminy Starling

Bronze-winged Jacana

Bund Baretha - great habitat

The Chambal River

Dalmatian Pelican

One of the major birds is Indian Skimmer

Looking for skimmers

White-throated Kingfisher

There's even a bit of culture on this tour

Tickell's Thrush

We'll look for Tiger at Ranthambhore

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