Saturday, 11 October 2014

More Sulawesi & Halmahera Pics....

Ok well back to my last tour and we had a great time with nightbirds, getting great views of several Sulawesi Scops-owls, some day roosting Great-eared Nightjars and this incredibly co-operative Moluccan Scops-owl...

Moluccan Scops-owl

Sulawesi ~scops-owl
Great-Eared Nightjar

Another great evening excursion was for this Moluccan Scrubfowl that had flown down onto a secluded beach to lay its eggs in northern Halmahera. Worth the 5 hour drive (i think)....!

Moluccan Scrubfowl

And finally,  we connected with this Maleo at Tambun in northern Sulawesi on our second visit to its breeding site. 


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