Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Papua New Guinea

I have been asked if i can organise a trip to Papua New Guinea for late June/early July 2016 and am in the process of compiling an itinerary. If anyone is interested then just fire off an email to and I can send you more information.

Of course this tour is all about those Birds of Paradise such as King, Blue, Superb and Magnificent BOP's, Queen Carola's Parotias, Black Sicklebill and many more. There's also a bunch of endemic families with such delights as Wattled Ploughbill and Blue-capped Ifrits on offer, and what about Barred Owlet-Nightjar..... Oh and a visit to New Britain is on the cards as well....

Brehm's Tiger Parrot

Brown Sicklebill

Karawari View from our Veranda

King of Saxony BOP

Mountain Firetail

Raggiana Bird of Paradise

Ribbon-tailed Astrapias

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