Friday, 16 December 2016

China: Wuyuan - Emei Feng

We returned to the Xinjiang River early doors and gave it one last shot at Short-tailed Parrotbill. It was a beautiful clear, sunny day and there was much more birdsong and activity but alas no parrotbills. We only had a short time here before our 6 hour drive to Emei Feng so walked quickly to the bamboo area but all we had to show for our efforts were a flock of Grey-chinned Minivets and a flock of Black-throated Bushtits. So we returned to the coach, had a picnic breakfast during which a group of Scaly-sided Mergansers flew over the bridge.

We then spent most of the day driving to Emei Feng, arriving at 4.00pm and drove slowly around the fields and bamboo area with the best bird being a male Silver Pheasant, plus a few Mandarin Ducks and Collared Finchbills. But we were all excited for our full day on the mountain tomorrow.

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