Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Nikon D500

Having broken my Nikon D7200 camera in China last month i've been considering the options available and had a good long, hard look into returning to my old digiscoping ways. However, having been given the opportunity to use the Nikon D500 I have to say that this is undoubtedly the best camera i've ever used. What a camera this is and probably far too good for my limited capabilities! I'm not going to do a proper review as there are many out there on YouTube and other forums (and i'm definitely not knowledgeable enough) but with just a couple field excursions over the Christmas holidays I am very impressed. 

The sharpness and clarity of some of the images i've taken is incredible and is all down to the camera and not me. The tilting and adjustable LCD screen is a good little gadget, as well as being touch screen. And for the first time i'm shooting in RAW although the post-editing procedure that has always put me off shooting in this format is still something i'm getting to grips with. I have also been using back-button focussing, shooting in Aperture Priority and generally tinkered with the tried and tested settings I have been using over the past 8 years of using Nikon SLR's.

So here's a few images that i'm quite pleased with. But there's still more practice needed before I venture to India in a couple of weeks.

And i've tried just one video so far of these Purple Sandpipers, but the 4K is stunning.

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