Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Borneo - Last Morning Madness!

Our last morning along a leech-filled trail produced a wonderful finale just as it did on our last tour here. It started quietly with just a close Lesser Green Leafbird beside the truck. But once in the trail we were treated to a fine male Blue-headed Pitta and an all-too-brief Siberian Blue Robin. We stuck at it along here for an hour without getting much, when all of a sudden and totally ‘out of the blue’ Bornean Banded Pitta hopped down the slope in front of us and onto our life lists. 

Bornean Banded Pitta - rubbish pic of a moulting female. Who cares!

Oh I felt for the 3 guys who remained back at the lodge…! What a corker and a species I’d all  but given up hope of – pitta no 24 for your truly. A pair of Long-billed Spiderhunters at the same spot were also much appreciated as well. If that wasn’t enough just around the corned a Blue-banded Pitta hopped across the hillside in front of us but was too quick for most people, so we returned to the site we’d heard one a few days ago. Sure enough after quite a search we had it teed up in the scope and we were done – all of Borneo’s endemic pitta species on the list! Leaving here we walked along the main track only to find a pair of Helmeted Hornbills to round off another cracking trip to Borneo.

All that remained was to pack, have lunch, drive back to Lahad Datu and fly on to Kuala Lumpur where the tour concluded.

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