Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Kinabatangan River

Set out in the boat at first light, which was around 6am and headed to a narrow tributary. The only bird I really remember from the short time we were out before a heavy downpour was a pair of White-chested Babblers that showed nicely in a clearing at the water’s edge. Oh, there was also a pair of flyover Storm’s Storks, and a silhouetted Bornean Black Magpie. The downpour was almost of biblical proportions and we returned to the lodge a little wetter than when we left it. But after a fine breakfast the weather cleared and the sun put in a rare appearance, so set back out at 08:40am and returned to the same area. I think we were too late to get any response from Bornean Ground-cuckoo and indeed the surrounding forest was extremely quiet – don’t listen to other tour reports that tell you the side channels keep their activity going longer! It was hard work sitting in a boat, trundling along for hours in the sunshine and heat! 

Blue-eared Kingfisher
Malaysian Blue Flycatcher
White-fronted Falconet (endemic)

Yet there were some extremely confiding birds, such as a Black-and-yellow Broadbill right beside the boat, Asian Drongo Cuckoo, Ruby-cheeked Sunbird, Red-naped Trogon, Blue-eared and Rufous-backed Kingfishers, Black-winged Flycatcher-Shrike, Malaysian Blue Flycatcher, Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker, and last but not least the stunning endemic White-fronted Falconet. We retuned to the lodge by 12:00 and nearly, but not quite, avoided another drenching.

Wrinkled Hornbill

Yellow Bittern

Wallace's Hawk-Eagle

Indian Cuckoo
Pink-necked Green-Pigeon

In the afternoon we went upriver, failing to dodge more showers and got a thorough drenching but in the dry bits we saw 2 Yellow Bitterns, Striated Heron, Lesser and Grey-headed Fish-Eagles, Storm’s Stork, Wrinkled Hornbill, Wallace’s Hawk-Eagle, many Pink-necked Green-Pigeons, Indian Cuckoo, a group of 4 Rufous Woodpeckers and Collared Kingfisher.

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