Monday, 29 May 2017

Gonganggling Forest - Tangjiahe

A misty and drizzly start to the day so us arrive at our prearranged spot just before daybreak and you really cannot complain with a Pere David’s Owl staring balefully down at you as your first bird of the day. What an incredible bird and we were treated to prolonged views of it calling from the treetops before we walked on in search of other birds. As if to escort us off its premises this majestic bird followed us for several hundred metres before we were sufficiently far enough away from its territory. 

Pere David's Owl

I’m sure those deep hoots resonating around the forest will live long in our memories from this fantastic trip. We tried a few other spots around the forest and it was very pleasing that Viv managed to secure decent looks at Chinese Grouse. And there were also Blue Eared-Peasants, Blood Pheasants, Rufous-breasted Accentors and other previously seen species here. We then returned to the hotel to collect our luggage and set off on the 7 hour drive to Tangjiahe, seeing Black-capped Kingfisher and a pair of Collared Crows along the way.

Collared Crow
Our drive into Tangjiahe was truly spectacular with immense tall mountains, deep-sided river valley and freshly green broadleaf forests leading us into the narrow road that took us to a great hotel. Such a surprise to reach a really good hotel at the end of a long journey. We’d nailed Brown Dipper, Golden Takin and Reeve’s Muntjac on the way in, and it was a shame the singing Alstrom’s Warbler didn’t show itself. After another delicious dinner a couple of us went spotlighting and we had a Masked Palm Civet cross the road in front of us.

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