Monday, 15 May 2017

Longcanggou Day 3

Well it rained all morning and into the early afternoon. We had already driven up the absolutely awful track to the start of the paved section of road ie the last 3kms before the pass and spent most of this time sheltering in a large worker’s tent hovering around the fire. We tried walking out and even drove up to the pass but it rained constantly and the mist rolled in and out. After lunch we gave up and drove lower and sure enough the sun came out and we had blue sky. So we birded several areas on the way down and had quite a few flocks which gave us some previously seen species such as Emei Shan Liocichla, Golden-breasted and Grey-hooded Fulvettas, Red-tailed and Blue-winged Minlas, Ashy-throated and Sichuan Leaf-Warblers etc.

We eventually got to my target area and we quickly located a singing Emei Leaf-Warbler that posed just a few metres away from us and sang its heart out. 

Emei Leaf Warbler

The first of many Brown Shrikes that we were too see in the afternoon was also present as well. Moving to another area we walked through lovely forest where lots of Kloss’s Leaf-Warblers were singing. We stumbled upon several flocks and had close views of Chestnut-crowned Warbler and Yellow-browed Tit amongst a bunch of commoner species. Moving on another flock held Ultramarine and Ferruginous Flycatchers & Yellow-bellied Tit, and another Oriental Honey Buzzard and a Mountain Hawk-Eagle flew over. We also managed decent views of a singing Marten’s Warbler and further on a Grey-crowned Warbler was also seen.

After dinner we went up the valley and called in a Himalayan (Chinese Tawny) Owl that flew right over us and hovered right above our heads before flying away. A lifer for me and what a buzz!

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