Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Heading South

We visited a known location for Sharp-tailed Grouse and found the lek deserted, which was quite alarming. However after some relentless scanning we scoped some birds at a distant lek, before finding  a couple of birds feeding in the nearby bushes. A Cooper’s Hawk also flew by. Afterwards, we followed a side canyon and over the tall crags a few White-throated Swifts were seen, whilst a Golden Eagle was perched below them. Driving into another spectacular setting we saw Bald Eagle, Spotted Towhee and heard a Green-tailed Towhee singing from the nearby hillside.

Our journey south was enlivened by a stop overlooking a large lake where Ring-billed, California, Franklin’s and Bonaparte’s Gulls were seen, along with White-faced Ibis, plus Northern Rough-winged and Tree Swallows further on.

We then visited a grocery store and bought our picnic lunch before heading to our next site where Juniper Titmouse, Black-throated Grey Warbler and Grey Flycatcher were new additions to our list. A few Pinyon Jays were also seen as well, along with a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

Juniper Titmouse

Grey Flycatcher

We ended the day in a desert canyon near the Colorado River where Black-throated Sparrow, Rock Wren, Loggerhead Shrike, and a pair of Mountain Bluebirds showed well. 

Black-throated Sparrow

Mountain Bluebird

It was a very scenic location to end another great day in Colorado.

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