Sunday, 17 March 2019

NE Brazil Day 13: Serra Bonita - Porto Seguro

We left after the usual 5.30am breakfast and headed down to the steamy lowlands for better views of Banded Cotinga. Well, we waited an hour and had a female come into the palm fruits but not the male we hoped for. We did scope some endemic Golden-capped Parakeets feeding in a huge tree and see some commoner species including Scaly-headed ParrotRufous-breasted HermitCliff Flycatcher, before setting out on a trail where we quickly found our main target, Eastern Striped Manakin

Eastern Striped Manakin

What a corker this is and this bird performed amazingly well and kept coming back to the same branch. A Buff-throated Woodcreeper seen along the trail was also new for the trip. Once we’d had our fill of this bird we walked back to the clearing and Mark spotted a fantastic male Banded Cotinga in a large tree. Again, what a bird!

Leaving here we drove some 200kms to the coastal town of Porto Seguro in southern Bahia state. After lunch and a siesta, because boy it’s hot here, we headed to Veracel Reserve some 25 minutes away. This white-sand forest patch was quite productive despite the mid-afternoon heat and the first bird we saw was a Grey-crowned Flatbill

White-bellied Tanager - split by HBW from Turquoise Tanager

A mad 15 minute spell resulted in Band-tailed Antwren, Silvery-flanked Antwren, Sooretama Slaty Antshrike and a Bahia Antwren– all endemics. A flock of White-bellied Tanagers (split by HBW from Turquoise Tanager), female White-chinned Sapphire and a Brown Schiffornis. We stayed until dark but failed to get a whiff of White-winged Potoo.

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