Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Madagascar Day 11 - Nosy Ve

This morning we visited the island of Nosy Ve in the Mozambique Channel about an hour from Tulear. This entailed leaving our main suitcases in the coach, taking an overnight bag and hopping onto a Zebu cart across the sandflats at low tide to a large speedboat. Once on the island, and boy was it hot, we saw a Greater SandploverRuddy Turnstoneand Common Whimbrel before walking along one of the trails. Pretty soon we were looking at a Red-tailed Tropicbird sat on its nest in the shade of a low bush. 

Red-tailed Tropicbird

We saw several more birds on the nest, but were more interested in getting close views of the birds flying around this low island. In fact, there were many birds in the air and they looked extremely elegant against the clear blue sky. Once we were done here we sailed just ten minutes to Anakoa and our waterfront lodge where we spent the rest of the day relaxing, swimming and resting. 

A little slice of paradise...

Around the lodge we saw Sakalava Weaver and a Grey Mouse Lemur sleeping in a small tree. In the late afternoon we found a male Littoral Rock-Thrush quite easily and enjoyed fine views, but it wasn’t until much later that we finally laid eyes on Madagascar Nightjar thanks to our guide Jean.

Littoral Rock-Thrush

Madagascar Nightjar

This was a perfect setting to relax and enjoy a swim as our rooms were right on the beach…

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