Thursday, 4 October 2012

Halmahera (Tobelo)

Another foray along the road produced a few more new birds this morning, with Dusky Scrubfowl, Red-flanked Lorikeet, White-bellied Cuckooshrike and cracking views of Blue-capped Fruit-dove, as well as a few more common birds. After lunch we drove the 4 hours north to Tobelo where we made a night-time excursion about an hour or so away from the town. Here we walked for 20 minutes through the forest to the coast and boarded a small dugout canoe that took us along a narrow channel to a secluded beach. Our luck was really in tonight as within 10 minutes we were watching the main prize here, a Moluccan Scrubfowl in the spotlight for several minutes. Wow! This is definitely not a guaranteed tick as other groups/tour companies had been here and not seen this bird....

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