Friday, 5 October 2012


After a night of aircon and a lie-in we drove to a nearby forest and finally managed to nail Halmahera Flowerpecker and Moluccan Hanging-parrot, and also had a brief view of a Great Cuckoo-dove and a pair of Gurney’s Eagles before it got way too hot to hang around and we headed back to town for lunch. In the afternoon we drove back down the island and headed to our site for some late afternoon birding close to Sidangoli. Along the way we passed a scenic bay where loads of Lesser Frigatebirds were following a flock of terns that comprised Gull-billed, Roseate, Black-naped and Great Crested. We then spent several hours chasing Moluccan Owlet-nightjar and despite getting very close to a calling bird, the forest was just too dense to catch site of it and we had to leave around 9pm to get our dinner. 

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