Monday, 16 March 2015

Ranthambhore Round-Up

Ok well had two full days looking for Tigers in Ranthambhore - that's four jeep safaris. Well, we dipped on Tiger due to a combination of bad luck, getting rubbish jeep routes, and an amazing series of rather surly, uninterested and in one case, downright rude Park Guide. You get randomly allocated a route to drive and also the driver and guide are randomly selected - and we repeatedly got the worst guys out there. On the first day if our vehicle hadn't been 25 minutes late to pick us up we would have seen a Tiger, but as it happens we missed it by 15 minutes! Ok so gripe over, but i've never missed seeing Tiger when we've been looking for one over a few days visit at any reserve and to say my group were gutted is an underestimate. To make matters worse the last day when we had the option of another two safaris the park was closed due to very unseasonal and heavy rain. 

But we did get some really good birds..... Including Indian Skimmer, Barred Buttonquail, Rufous-fronted Prinia, Indian Bushlark, Long-tailed and Small Minivets, Variable Wheatear, and many others. Here are a few pics.....

Bay-backed Shrike

Crested Bunting (female)

Crested Bunting (male)

Indian Stone Curlew

Painted Sandgrouse

Painted Spurfowl

Mrs and Mrs Spurfowl

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