Monday, 30 March 2015

The Only Way Is Up...

We paid a visit to the boulder-strewn river behind the lodge before breakfast and saw our first Blue Rock Thrush, as well as getting nice views of both Plumbeous and White-capped Water-Redstarts. Back at the lodge there was a male and 2 female White-capped Buntings, which was something of a surprise, along with our first Large Grey Babblers

Female/Immature White-capped Bunting...

A day-roosting scops-owl species looked to me like Indian Scops-owl but I am assured by the local birders that it is Collared Scops-Owl….. Mmmmm…..

Indian or Collared Scops-Owl............?

So after breakfast we loaded the luggage onto the coach and began the drive up to Pangot, stopping along the way for our first Ruddy Shelducks, Striated Heron, Little Swifts and Streak-throated Swallows – the latter species was scoped when they alighted on a patch of mud to collect material to build their nests with. 

Grey-hooded Warbler

Once up in the mighty Himalayas we made our first stop along the road and this turned out to be very productive as we came across several very confiding Grey-hooded Warblers, Russet Sparrow, Ultramarine Flycatcher, Grey-faced and Brown-fronted Woodpeckers, Blyth’s Leaf-Warbler, and a very close Himalayan Black-lored Tit

Himalayan Black-lored Tit

Himalayan Black-lored Tit

Himalayan Bulbul

The next stop was a little higher up where we saw a close Grey-sided Bush-Warbler, a flock of Black-throated Bushtits, Streaked Laughingthrush, Blue-fronted Redstart and a very interesting warbler that had a long bill and lacked wing-bars - Tytler’s Leaf-Warbler

Tytler's Leaf-Warbler

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