Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Qinghai & Xinjiang Tour

Just had a few days at home before returning to China and the start of our 'alternative' Tibet tour. Funny how months and months of anticipation leading up to a particular tour and all the excitement that it brings can come crashing down around your ankles for a while. You see our flight in to Beijing had to be re-routed to Tinjiang (where?) due to bad weather and we had to sit on the runway for three and a half hours waiting for clearance at another stab at landing where we should be. Anyway, we got to Beijing with just under an hour to go before our flight to Xining was due to depart and basically after a long immigration queue and getting hassle at the x-ray machines we made it to the gate with about a minute to spare. What a stressful day this was turning out to be. Upon arrival in Xining our luggage was not as lucky as we were and remained behind in Beijing.  We finally reached the hotel around 11pm and crashed out straight away.

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