Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Returning to Xining

Checked out a couple of sites near Gonghe where a pair of Oriental Greenfinches were new for the trip, and we also saw Godlewski’s Bunting and Przevalski’s Partridge before returning to the hotel for our first ‘sit-down’ breakfast of the tour. Shouldn’t have bothered really as it was rubbish and craving pizza right now! Afterwards we checked out some other areas but all we found new was a pair of Asian Azure-winged Magpies - but a pair of Daurian Partridge were much appreciated by Frank before heading north after a lunch stop back in town.

This is the little fellow that has caused us so many problems....

Later in the day, on a grassy hillside we found Pere David’s Snowfinch to be common, along with White-rumped Snowfinch and Ground-tit as well. Another 100km drive back to Xining followed and some time to rest before our busy day tomorrow.

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