Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Snow Leopard Expedition Day 10

Watch No 12 – nothing. After breakfast we walked up to Yurutse, a one house village! It was amazingly scenic and we constantly scanned for Leopards. At the settlement, well a huge house that is used as a homestay we enjoyed a nice cup of tea and the guys brought lunch all the way up from camp.

Posing at Yurutse


Inside the Yurutse Homestay

On the way back down a cold wind suddenly blew up, which kept the temperature down but was nice whilst we were walking. The highlight of the day was a group of Himalayan Snowcocks walking across the path just a few metres in front of us. I don’t know who was more surprised! Anyway, they scuttled up the hillside and I managed to follow them a short distance and get a few nice pics. 

Himalayan Snowcocks

By the time we returned to camp we’d walked 8kms and it had been tough at times but good fun.

Watch No 13 – nothing.

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