Thursday, 6 October 2016

Snow Leopard Expedition Day 6

Watch No 4 – there’s a Leopard tracker guiding a couple from Australia here now and he claims to have seen a Snow Leopard whilst scanning this morning. The only thing is that none of us actually saw it and he was only standing 30 yards away from us at the time. So a close call or pure string – I don’t know. 

Rumbak Village

The scenery around the village is stunning

Yours truly
View from above the village

So after breakfast we walked up the valley for a kilometre to Rumbak Village. It was an easy, slightly uphill walk, which we all enjoyed and the highlight for me was seeing a Solitary Snipe, albeit a relatively brief view. I'd definitely like to come back and getter a longer view as it's a lifer for me. In the village they had recently harvested the local crop of grass & wheat, and the remaining seeds were drawing in 10+ Streaked Rosefinches, a couple of Great Rosefinches, lots of Common Rosefinches and numerous House Sparrows. We also came across a flock of Robin Accentors, a few Red-fronted Serins, Black Redstart, Woolly Hare and Tickell’s Leaf Warbler, which made a very pleasant change to the practically birdless lower valley where we are based. I spent some time taking photos and despite the harsh light managed a few decent images.


This Robin Accentor was too close...

Female Streaked Rosefinches

Male Streaked Rosefinch

Juv Common Rosefinch

After lunch back in camp we had a break in the lovely sunshine before doing Watch No 5. We again failed to see any Leopards. But now there are lots of Blue Sheep spread across every hillside. I certainly feel a lot more optimistic about our chances now! Have to say that Ganesh’s rum was much appreciated tonight! And it now seems that the temperature is dropping every evening and it’s much colder tonight.

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