Friday, 7 October 2016

Snow Leopard Expedition Day 7

Watch No 6 – Nothing again. After breakfast we hiked 4 kilometres down the Rumbak Valley and up into the Husing Valley where we stayed at the watch point from 10.30am – 2pm. It was a steep slope up to the watch point but what a view we had from the top and this is one of the main Leopard watching areas in Hemis. But I think it’s primarily a winter viewing area as its much lower down than the one we have been using in the Rumbak Valley, although saying that a Leopard was seen here last week. Anyway, the four of us were left here for quite some time and the silence was totally pure. If you’ve ever experienced the utter silence one gets when in some isolated mountain then you know what I mean. Its kind of beautiful. But then the coughing and spitting from ‘you know who’ began after a few hours and the silence was broken! It was very refreshing to be able to scan some different areas and to view some different scenery.

Walking up to the Husing Valley view point

The view from the watch point

Getting bored.....

Nice viewing in the Husing Valley

Husing Valley
Husing Valley

Anyway, we were all feeling rather dirty today and in need of a proper wash – there’s only so much you can do with baby wipes! I’m also having some trouble catching my breath today at this altitude and am struggling a bit today despite only walking around 11kms this morning. The bird highlight this morning was a pair of Red-fronted Serins perched up nicely in the morning sunshine.

Lunch was brought to us at the watch point by our ever attentive ground crew – amazing service. Then we began walking back to camp in the hot early afternoon sunshine, which made it quite a tough walk. Sometimes we’d get some cloud cover and the temperature would drop dramatically, so out would come our fleeces from our day packs. And that’s another issue as you do need to carry a day pack with your bits n pieces, and I’m also carry a scope & tripod and a big Nikon camera and lense as well. All this seemed to weigh a lot more than usual as it’s so hot.

Getting back to camp
Our camp

Time to start scanning again
The view

Anyway, we returned to camp at 3.50pm, had a cup of tea and chilled for a while as we were all knackered. Then it was up to the meadow above camp for Watch No 7 – and again we drew a blank. But it’s been a good day and nice to see a new area.

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