Sunday, 9 October 2016

Snow Leopard Expedition Day 9

Watch No 10 – didn’t care about Leopard this morning as still on a high from yesterday. So only did an hours watch before going to breakfast and afterwards we decided to walk back up to Rumbak village. It seems that none of are fully acclimatised and we are still getting mild headaches and stuffy noses full of dried blood, which is no doubt exaggerated by the dry, dusty atmosphere. The walk up to the village is on a slight incline and we were all out of breath at various points of the walk. But I was glad to get another view of the Solitary Snipe along the small stream and I even managed to get a few record photos before it inevitably flew away when a noisy villager walked past us shouting his head off to someone else in the village. 

Solitary Snipe

Around the small fields in the village we came across a group of Tibetan Partridges and they were rather more confiding than the snipe and showed quite well. 

Tibetan Partridges

There were 8+ Streaked Rosefinches and plenty of Robin Accentors around, but no Great or Common Rosefinches today. We walked to the far side of the village and found a Mountain Weasel before Ganesh took us to a homestay in the village where we had some tea.

Mountain Weasel

A few hours rest around camp was followed by Watch No 11 – and all we had to show for our efforts were more Blue Sheep

Blue Sheep

Then we had another nice meal and a few more beers. 

The dining tent

Tonight's pizza

The deal is you are usually finished eating by 7pm when it’s dark and chilly and there’s nothing to do apart from chat in the dining tent. You don’t want to go to bed too early either. Pete says we haven’t come to enjoy ourselves, we’re here to see Snow Leopard…! And we have!

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