Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Snow Leopard Expedition Day 5

Had a poor night’s sleep (maybe 4 hours tops) but the temperature wasn’t too bad and was a few degrees above freezing. But sharing a tent isn’t my idea of fun and there’s not much room inside. Anyway, we all woke up feeling crappy but having a baby wipe wash was a godsend and I was ‘good to go’. There was a bowl of hot water waiting for us later to wash in. A good tip is to keep your nightwear (thermals etc) just for wearing at night, as it’s nice to get into clean bed clothes each night. 

Masked Wagtail - the commonest bird up here
Another common bird here - Chukar

Anyway, we made our 2nd Leopard Watch from 5.45am – 8.45am, had breakfast and then resumed from 9.15am – 11.00am. But no Leopards. We did see many Himalayan Snowcocks, flocks of ChukarsHimalayan Griffons, Masked WagtailBlue Sheep, and not a lot else.

More scanning

During lunchtime the temperature soared to 22 degrees centigrade. As we sat eating lunch a Blue Sheep with a large bite taken out of its side was seen running along a nearby track. Our immediate thoughts were that there must be a Leopard nearby and we jumped up to scan the huge expanse of mountain slope in front of us, but there wasn’t any sign at all. So instead of our planned hike up to Rumbak Village we spent the whole afternoon scanning from the watch point above camp, but to no avail. It gets dark just after 6.45pm so we walked back to camp just before sunset.

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